Linggo, Enero 15, 2012

Time and Dreams

Tick-tock, tick-tock, time is running fast and it won't stop neither. Time is not like a movie or a tv show can be stopped and to be continued. We have to move fast, think fast so that we can live with our dreams. But still we need to slow down a bit and enjoy every minute of the day. Life won't bring us back again so savor every minute and do everything you can to achieve your dreams.

Some people have their dreams achieved at an early stage of their lives, some in later years. And unfortunately for others they haven't even taste the success they've been dreaming of. How fortunate are we that we are still here in this world doing things we like and sometimes wasting it. Each day comes another opportunity to grab, each day is another time to improve whatever skills we have and each day comes another day to give thanks to the Lord.

My dreams have been slowly distinguished, slowly yes, because maybe the Lord wants me to see my mistakes in life and let me change it. I can't be sitting all day now because I can no longer give excuses to myself. I'm already provided of things I need to rise up and it would be a shame if I just look at it and do nothing. Life indeed is a survival of the fittest, if you're weak and coward you won't make it to the top. In the success ladder it's always like that, we cannot change it, so we need to do something for our self to compete with the stronger ones. 

Living with our dreams can never be difficult, it's hard to climb up though but if you have a good heart and willingness to do desirable things for your self then you can be happy, you're already living with your dreams. Drafting our plans in simple ways we can be successful. It's just like holding your pencil for the first time, difficulties arise but with constant practice you can already scribble in your paper. And if you can't make it today, try again tomorrow and again giving your best shot.

Time may tell us that we need to be more conscious of our activities,carefully plan our dreams so that we will not be left behind. But then again, we can be slowly but surely achieve our dreams to the last second.